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Home Survey's Features

We've included everything you'll need to get your home properly surveyed.

Extensive Pre-Screening

Save time with our intuitive home survey pre-screening, we'll even send you a copy for your records!

Visual Examples

Not sure about a survey question? We've included several examples to show you exactly what you're looking for.

Always Stay Connected

We know surveys, guides, and conveyancing can be a big project. You'll always be one tap away from contacting our certified professionals.

RICS Compliant

We hold ourselves to the highest standard - and our work will definitely show it.

Great Savings

Keep up to date with us on our App, Facebook, and Twitter to get special savings!

Comprehensive Home Guides

Home Survey includes several home guide previews for you to check out before purchasing.

Home Surveys in under 30 minutes.

We've made the Home Survey App one of the best, comprehensive pre-screening survey apps out there. This will save you time, give you a much better idea of the condition of your house, and save you money on follow up consultations!

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • RICS Compliant and Up to Date
  • Copies and Receipts send directly to your email
  • A Great way to save money and get smarter about your home

Got a Question? We've got Answers.

Home Survey App’s checklists and guides provide useful information to help the homebuyer assess the physical state of a property by identifying any areas of concern. The information in the app is prepared by a qualified Chartered Surveyor who is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Home Survey App has two quick and simple to use checklists, Home Checklist and Energy Checklist. Use these checklists, with their supporting images, during initial property viewing, early in the purchase process. The checklist can help you decide if you want to go to the next step of making an offer and subsequently proceeding with a survey.

Get Savvy with a Survey

Getting a survey done can save you thousands of pounds and a lots of heartache. Keep your wallet and peace of mind before purchasing a new home: get a qualified chartered survey.

Get Savvy with a survey - Download the Home Survey App today!

Preview a Residential Survey

Buying a home will be one of the biggest financial and emotional commitments you make. To help you make the best decision, we have produced a mobile app to help you make an initial assessment on your home.

Preview a Residential Survey to see what Home Survey can offer you!

Home Survey by Trafford Surveyors

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Your Data in Cloud

Your information will be secure with us. Better yet, it will be available for you anytime you need to review your home survey or energy reports.

Monthly Rewards

We offer customer loyalty gifts and promotions monthly! Become apart of the Trafford Surveyors family by liking and following us on social media, downloading our app, and getting on our subscription list!

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